Lishkins Preserves, Gloucestershire


Lishkins is a family-run business producing an amazing variety of preserves with fresh produce from their Almondsbury orchard and garden in Gloucestershire.

With jams, chutneys, curds and marmalades in traditional recipes and some very creative twists, there’s something for everyone. How about jam with banana and chocolate or pineapple and coconut? Then there’s the best-selling strawberry and vanilla jam and hot chilli jam chutney. The range is truly awesome.

We love their rustic marmalades where the fruit is cooked intermittently over a three-day period, intensifying the flavour, increasing the fibre element and requiring less sugar than standard marmalades.

The passion for preserves has been passed down the generations, including chutney and curd recipes from grandparents, and has grown to today’s sales of around 800 jars a month, with over 80 different flavours across 70 chutneys, 30 jams and 30 marmalades.

Kyrah Lishman set up Lishkins just over a year ago after being made redundant:

“After two redundancies in as many years I decided to throw caution to the wind and turn my passion into a business. It’s also about being experimental, understanding what flavours work together and pushing the boundaries a bit. I’m always coming up with new products. My passion is not only my business but also my hobby and love.”

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