Interview with Great British Biscotti, Dorset


Fate and a passion to create a new exciting range of totally different Biscotti, is what inspired Paul Rostand to set up the Great British Biscotti in 2016.

Rapid growth since has led to a team of five across three bakeries, not to mention multiple awards including Food Manufacturer SME Innovation Winner in 2017, “Q“ Food Award, Food Talk Award Winner, Dragons Pantry overall winner 2017… and three Great Taste Awards.

Paul now sells about 1.5m Biscotti a year nationwide to farm shops, delicatessens, the catering trade and they’ll soon be available from Ocado. This year he’ll be launching two new lines, adding another four new team members and investing over £100,000 to increase capacity in the bakery.

Before founding Great British Biscotti, Paul used to come up with ideas for food products and then find a factory somewhere in the world to make them for him, then he’d market them to the major supermarkets and food service providers, mostly under their brand.

Two world firsts

Now as an artisan baker, making a range of new and innovative Biscotti, Paul has two world firsts in his range including a unique range of savoury Biscotti which are ideal accompaniments to any cheese board, charcuterie platter, canapé base or as crouton in soups and salads. Then there’s the first ever Biscotti for tea drinkers with honey, lemon and ginger flavour.

Whether a savoury or sweet tooth, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a range of 12 flavours from almond, Belgian chocolate, chocolate orange, white chocolate & Cranberry to coffee & a walnut. And on the savoury side there’s Cheddar fennel, chorizo & Cheddar, wild garlic & rosemary, jalapeno & Cheddar, sundried tomato & olive and Indian spice. All are handmade in Paul’s bakeries in Christchurch using the best possible ingredients.

“Our Biscotti is not as hard as the Italian ones and they are more like a biscuit,” explains Paul.

“Our brand is fun, bright and original and is known for its innovation. Our customers tell us they love the branding and the Britishness and more importantly they love our flavours and taste.

“As a team we look at the gaps in flavours there are against what the market wants, as well as feedback from customers. Our Head Chef Jon will then work on some development samples which will be taste tested by the team, tweaked if needed and then we will decide whether to launch or not.

“We pride ourselves on world firsts and, above all, the quality and flavour of everything we bake.”

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Twitter: GBBiscotti