Vegan gelato for Veganuary


Chocolate, Hazelnut & Orange, Peanut & Almond Milk and Almond, Cinnamon, Date & Maple Syrup are among the new vegan gelato options on the menu at Swoon’s Bath and Bristol bars this January. Made by the lovingly honed process of slowly churning almond milk, these new gelati will sit alongside Swoon’s regular vegan-friendly flavours, including the Great Taste award-winning Chocolate and Mango sorbetti, as well as Raspberry and Pistachio sorbetti, both of which will be guest flavours throughout the month.

Thick, creamy and indulgent, Swoon’s water-based sorbetto is gently churned with mangoes, chocolate, raspberries and pistachios to create a truly creamy texture without any milk or cream, meaning that Swoon’s beautiful range of sorbetti is suitable for vegans all year round. The almond milk-based gelato is also churned slowly to achieve an irresistible texture, before adding the finest ingredients sourced for their provenance and quality to create a scoop set to lift those January blues.

Although it tastes much creamier than ice cream, gelato typically has 50% less fat, due to the way it’s slowly churned instead of rapid beating, which makes it all the more alluring during those health-conscious winter months.

Swoon’s limited edition vegan gelati and sorbetti will be available to buy by the scoop or takeaway tubful throughout January and its regular Mango and Chocolate sorbetti are available all year round.


Swoon was created in 2016 by the fourth generation of the Forte family who brought traditional Italian gelato to the UK over a century ago, now crafting multi award-winning gelato and sorbetto with passion, in the flavours labs of its Bath and Bristol stores. With a dedication to its heritage, a desire to sustain tradition and a commitment to using the freshest and finest ingredients, whether from local suppliers or sourced from overseas for their intense flavour profiles, Swoon’s enchanting array of gelati and sorbetti has already been a hit with the critics. In 2017, four of its products received a 3-star Great Taste award, three of which were also in the Great Taste Top 50 Foods, and one product received a 2-star Great Taste award. This resounding success scooped Swoon the Great Taste Golden Fork for Producer of the Year in 2o17, a recognition of exceptional quality achieved across the board.

Swoon’s flagship gelato bar is based on College Green in Bristol and its second bar is based on Kingsmead Square in Bath. Both are open from 10am – 10:30pm every day.

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