ARJ Chocolate, Wiltshire


Arrianne Rose Johns set up ARJ Chocolate just two years ago and is establishing herself as a creative West Country Artisan chocolatier.

Selling online, at local farmers’ markets and to trade, Arrianne has developed some inspiring handmade gourmet chocolate flavours, including pudding and cake inspired treats like lemon meringue, strawberry Eaton mess and coffee and walnut cake.  And she has expanded her range this month to include dairy free.

Like many Artisans, fate played a part in Arrianne’s story. “I started out as a chef but due to some health problems resulting in Scoliosis surgery I was unable to carry on.  I got into shoemaking but even then, food always played a part in my designs.  I still make shoes but it’s more of a hobby these days.

“I started experimenting with chocolate and sold my first creations at a Christmas fare in November 2015. My chocolate business is my main focus these days. I can get orders for as many as 1500 items at a time and continue to sell at markets.

“At the moment, I work from home in Trowbridge and family members will give me a hand at peak times but, as the business continues to grow, my next step will be to move into premises so that I can expand my range of products. It will also give me somewhere to sell hot chocolate drinks which is another string to my bow!”

Other popular ARJ Chocolate’s products include giant chocolate button packs and a chocolate lolly making kit for children.

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