Adam’s Chocolate, Bristol


Breaking the mould with an innovative mix of natural plant-based sugars and cacao, Bristol-based Adam’s Chocolate was established by lifelong friends, Adam Farag and Mark Claydon. They spent over a decade in pursuit of a rare delight; a gourmet chocolate that tastes sensational.

Inspired by the need for a health-kick following a back injury over ten years ago, chef Adam discovered that micronutrients in raw plant foods can do a great deal of good and this led him to create a delicious and ground-breaking chocolate with a velvety fudge-like texture, which also delivers a real burst of energy.

Each cold-pressed cube uses yacon, lucuma and maca, which are known as the ‘Lost Crops of the Incas’, as the chocolate’s base. Cultivated on mountainside terraces, these lesser-known gems were once part of an agricultural wonderland at the foot of the Andes and have been consumed for their medicinal properties for thousands of years. Post fermentation, the chocolate is cold-pressed and never heated above 42°C, ensuring that none of the nutritional benefits of the ancient strain of Theobroma Criollo are lost during the process.

As well as aiding digestion and boosting the immune system, Adam’s Chocolate, which is Soil Association and Vegan Society certified, contains a selection of colourful superfoods. Each chosen for its health benefits and flavour profile, they are woven into the rich raw cacao to create four flavours. There are Goji Berry and Pistachio; Hazelnut and Blackcurrant; Coconut and Banana; and Great Taste award-winning Mint varieties to choose from.

The elegant resealable pouches display illustrations of the rare criollo tree and its precious bounty, cacao, alongside representations of each flavour combination, to help tell the story behind this pioneering product.

Each 82g resealable pouch of Adam’s Organic Cold Pressed Chocolate is available from independent grocery stores and health food retailers in the South West, as well as online, RRP £5.75.

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