Hullabaloos Lemonade, Somerset


Leigh and Randa Hucker set up Hullabaloos three years ago with the aim of creating high quality drinks without any ‘baddies’. They’ve won a number of awards since –  most recently a Great Taste star for their Original Lemonade. All five flavours are available on Amazon. Leigh says:

“We believe that the simple things in life can be the best. We keep our lemonade simple by using fresh fruit, with no added chemicals or preservatives needed. We are big on our ethical responsibilities as a business as well – we use absolutely no baddies in any of our drinks so you can be sure of exactly what you are drinking.”

Based in Somerset, you can find Hullabaloos at events and markets throughout the county and beyond. They’re also sold at a variety of shops, delis, cafes and pubs in the Bristol, Somerset and Devon area. Find a stockist near you or buy on Amazon.

Available in original, ginger, citrus, elderflower and raspberry flavours.
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