Wiltshire Chilli Farm


Wiltshire Chilli Farm aims to bring spice to life and these artisans love introducing people to the wonderful world of chilli peppers. This West Country artisan food business produces award-winning sauces, preserves and grinders made with locally grown chillies. From mild to wild, they cater for all tastes. Here’s what they say:

“Our chillies put the fire in our bellies that drives us to do what we love best – and that’s sauces and seasonings that encourage people to discover new sensations and find new ways of enjoying what they eat.  We believe in celebrating the unique flavours of all chilli peppers.”

With thousands of varieties of chillies out there, there’s so much potential for discovering great taste combinations and levels of heat. Buy on Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s website and, where available, at West Country food markets and festivals.

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